Shared Equity


So you have an agreement from the government or the builder to pay part of the purchase price. Well, where to begin? Having been involved in hundreds of shared equity purchases we can safely say that they all differ. Consider the fact that you now have to negotiate with another lender, a government lending scheme, their lawyers and the third party who administers the loan. Yet do not forget your own lender and their concerns over any other loan, their added conditions to your own loan, the seller and their lawyers.


Sorry about the scary facts but we do advise you to really look into what you are being offered.

Yes, you’ve guessed it. This is where we advise you to seek real experts in property law. Having the past experience to pull together everyone so that you get your keys on time is a real skill. You can imagine that each party has its own rules and timescales. Each party will require consents and approval from the others before proceeding … a bit like the chicken and egg scenario.

Get it wrong and the costs will soar. There will be additional costs demanded by the other lenders, Land Register and the additional lawyers. There is no getting away from it. Anyone saying differently really should be questioned. Nevertheless these are the rules and as usual if you appoint the correct lawyers the stress and possible delay can be avoided.


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