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HBC-Flooding--Conveyancing-Services-200x200We’ve all watched the news this year and the sad sight of people losing their homes to flooding. For many families and businesses, the difficulties will go on for months as even after the water has gone, the repair work will begin. There are many reasons for flooding and heated debate as to how this should be alleviated, but what can you do before buying to ensure that you are not likely to face this risk to your home and family?

If this is a concern you will wish to know more about the potential risk of flooding for your own property or a property you are interested in buying. Here at HBC we can provide full flood reports shown the risks (if any). It’s simple for you to find out the answer – just call our team and give us an address or area and within 30 minutes we can email you a full report (with the hard copy to follow in the post). Increasingly the risk of flooding from surface run off, rivers or sea/loch side and costal areas play a vital role in the value of the property and the ability to obtain insurance.

Our reports shall provide historical maps showing detailed levels with statistical information as well as risk factors you best be aware of when taking your next decision.

Flooding Risk – If this is a concern you will wish to know more about the potential risk of flooding its easy just call us today and we can get you started. 



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